Friday, October 12, 2018

Jump Start on Christmas - Stamp 'N' Hop

Welcome to this months blog hop, and a big thank you to  this month while I know it is still early I really wanted us all to start thinking about Christmas, especially for those of us that only do Stampin' Up! as a hobby. The theme this month is Jump Start on Christmas and with this I wanted us all to focus on the holiday catty, but also remember that there is the annual catty that has a-lot of Christmas products...

For us hobbyist crafter starting to think about Christmas now will help us to get a good jump start for all those Christmas items that we need to be thinking about and making, how many Christmas cards do you need to do? What about a December daily? Or your own advent calendar?

Christmas and the holiday catty is one time that I really look at the stamps and look at what I want I want ( I only allow myself to buy one or two stamps) and what I can use at other times of the year. As I mentioned I only allow myself one or two Christmas themed stamps and once pack of DSP as I do not want to have so many stamps with the one specific theme. So the one specific set and my pack of DSP this year I purchased was a bundle which I just love. Now don't get me wrong I have purchased several others, but they are not Christmas specific

For my Project I wanted to recycle my old Stampin' Up! Diary from last year, once you have finished with the year they make great albums and you can get some inserts to help you with this.
We have a 6x8 variety pockets that you can use and I have a picture below for you.

So I have decided to use the Memory and more card packs to create my first December Daily as for us in New Zealand Christmas is not in Winter but the start of our Summer, I know that we have a Christmas card pack, however I wanted something that is not so focused on Christmas but will be getting the card pack and using it for the week of Christmas and the few days afterwards. This year I am having two Christmas's one with my partners family and then one with my family.. 

While I have not done too much to decorate some of the pages at this stage, I have added some Ribbon to a couple of the cards and inserted some mats, I have created a Non-Christmas Themed tittle page, simply as this will not just focus on Christmas but everything through the month of December and the first week of January.

This format will allow me to have room to add embellishments and to also add my photos and journal as I want to which is something that I am going to have to make myself do this year.. So I hope that you take something away from our hop and get a jump start on your Christmas themed projects....

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