Friday, December 14, 2018

Favourite from the ‘Spring/Summer’ release - Stamp 'N' Hop

Welcome to Andres Creations where things are live, mistakes are left in, and a huge thanks to Eva as you have just come from her blog, what wonderful ideas everyone has had... 

OMG, this is the best catalogue I have seen since I joined just over a year ago now.
It has so many items that I just love and while we can not 'legally' show you the inside of the catalogue we can show you what we have pre-ordered. One of the perks of being a demonstrator is that we can order a month early from the customer release date.

Which then gives us time to be able to complete samples and have a good play. One of the other benefits is that if you attend one of the live events you can then order what is called PPP, and this is often 4 weeks earlier than the normal pre-orders.

So why am I telling you this, well this months hop is like a sneak peek if the new spring/summer (what we call it in New Zealand) catalogue. This catalogue goes live to customers on January 3rd... Hope you have enjoyed our hop and I hope that you will be requesting a catalogue form the person that has invited you here today.

Also, remember SAB is a great time to think about becoming a home shopper with me. There is a small fee of $189 NZD and you receive a whopping $375 NZD worth of product. Now if you also want that coveted tote bag this is the only way of getting it, now I will be honest it is an extra $50NZD but so worth it. If you are wanting the tote then it will become $240NZD and get $375NZD worth of product and the tote bag.

This is what the $375 could look like Now that is teasing you as you can't actually see what they all are.

S/S 19 Birthday Statements  46
S/S 27 Well Said Bundle 161
S/S 32 Nine lives  34
A/C 211 CAT punch 38
S/S 33 Happy Tails 66.50
S/S 48 Laser cut DSP 29.50

Anyway you're not here for that, here is a video of a fabulous card that I just had to make

Here is another one just focusing on the SAB item... 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

OMG, it is almost time for the best celebration of the Stampin' Up! year, SAB...
This is the best time to get selected products for free and all you have to do is your normal shopping through my store... The link is over there --> can you see it --->

SAB is also the best time to join as you will be getting an extra $90 work of craft supplies for free this offer is never seen throughout the year except for SAB, also if you just want to be a home shopper then that is great as well, simple purchase the joining kit that suits you and select your supplies. Then continue shopping through your account with at least 20% off retail...

Don't want to become a home shopper, why not help me out and hold a party...
We will get together and have some fun crafting and making some wonderful creations...

Friday, November 16, 2018

This month’s theme: Casing the annual Catalogue - Stamp 'N' Hop

Welcome one and all to this months blog hop, this month we are casing the annual catalogue

What is casing you ask? 
Well for us crafters it is a term that we use when we copy some else's work either in full or in part while giving credit to the one who originally created it. This weekend when this goes live, those of us in New Zealand will be at OnStage and the rest of the blog creators will be on the way to a local OnStage or will already be in Orlando for the Live 3-day event.

So what is OnStage, and how do I get to go?
Well, OnStage is an event that Stampin' Up! does twice a year to show recognition to those of us that joined, moved ranks, or even were one of the top demonstrators, we also get a sneak peek at what is coming up in the world of Stampin' Up! in November its the new Spring/Summer and Sale a Bration items and gifts, and in April its the new annual Catty that does not go live until June.

Once you join Stampin' Up! you are allowed to attend once you have secured your ticket, this is an exciting time as we often have a race to see who is the first to get their ticket, some areas sell out fast while others take a while. Next April I am excited to say that it will be in our wonderful Auckland, New Zealand. So we all need to show our support and make sure that we book, this is also a wonderful time for an overseas trip and a chance to get to meet some of your Stampin' Up, heroes...

We also get to purchase a select array of products before the usual pre-order starts, remember the Share what you love DSP everyone was using, well that was released before the pre-order was released.

So we decided to case the annual catty this month before SAB and the new spring summer catty comes out, it also gives us all a breather from the holiday catty...

Over the last few days, I have looked at the catty, found some artwork that I just love and then went into my stash and while none were 100% copied, I took and then added a little flair

So the cards on the Left are from the Stampin' Up! annal catty and the right are my creations.

Thank you to all you wonderful ladies that have created your hops, all the links are below...

remember all images are (C) Stampin' Up! 2018

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Pre Pre-Order

Hey stampers here is my latest video about my Pre Pre-Order

If your based in New Zealand and would love to shop with me here is the easiest way to do so and search Andre Gordon

Sunday, November 11, 2018

First look at the Occasions Catalogue 2019

This is the first video that I have done in the last several months. I am so happy that I have now found an editing tool that I like.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Jump Start on Christmas - Stamp 'N' Hop

Welcome to this months blog hop, and a big thank you to  this month while I know it is still early I really wanted us all to start thinking about Christmas, especially for those of us that only do Stampin' Up! as a hobby. The theme this month is Jump Start on Christmas and with this I wanted us all to focus on the holiday catty, but also remember that there is the annual catty that has a-lot of Christmas products...

For us hobbyist crafter starting to think about Christmas now will help us to get a good jump start for all those Christmas items that we need to be thinking about and making, how many Christmas cards do you need to do? What about a December daily? Or your own advent calendar?

Christmas and the holiday catty is one time that I really look at the stamps and look at what I want I want ( I only allow myself to buy one or two stamps) and what I can use at other times of the year. As I mentioned I only allow myself one or two Christmas themed stamps and once pack of DSP as I do not want to have so many stamps with the one specific theme. So the one specific set and my pack of DSP this year I purchased was a bundle which I just love. Now don't get me wrong I have purchased several others, but they are not Christmas specific

For my Project I wanted to recycle my old Stampin' Up! Diary from last year, once you have finished with the year they make great albums and you can get some inserts to help you with this.
We have a 6x8 variety pockets that you can use and I have a picture below for you.

So I have decided to use the Memory and more card packs to create my first December Daily as for us in New Zealand Christmas is not in Winter but the start of our Summer, I know that we have a Christmas card pack, however I wanted something that is not so focused on Christmas but will be getting the card pack and using it for the week of Christmas and the few days afterwards. This year I am having two Christmas's one with my partners family and then one with my family.. 

While I have not done too much to decorate some of the pages at this stage, I have added some Ribbon to a couple of the cards and inserted some mats, I have created a Non-Christmas Themed tittle page, simply as this will not just focus on Christmas but everything through the month of December and the first week of January.

This format will allow me to have room to add embellishments and to also add my photos and journal as I want to which is something that I am going to have to make myself do this year.. So I hope that you take something away from our hop and get a jump start on your Christmas themed projects....

Susan Simpson - Craftyduckydoodah! (UK) Andre Gordon (NZ) <-- You are here....

Friday, September 14, 2018

Stamp 'N' Hop - 2018 Holiday Catalogue

Welcome to the Stamp  'N' Hops 2018 Holiday Catalogue blog hop. 

While last year I decided that I would purchase all that I could afford, this year I really wanted to make sure that I purchased stamp sets and embossing folders that not only lent it to Christmas but also could be used at other times of the year. 

However, this hop I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit as I love the Christmas season so I wanted to make a wonderful Christmas card, and the DSP has some wonderful photorealistic prints. 

Below are photos to help with the creation of this 6x6 Z-Fold card, I have taken the original design and altered it to create a card that had more writing space that could also be hidden. 

I hope you enjoy the hop and I wish to thank Anastasia for her wonderful work...

Here is the template that I have used to create the Z-Fold card... credit to Julie Burt as this is her template, I have added another card section...

You will need the following (some changes from the pic)
Card Base 
Cardstock Base 25cm x 15cm
DSP 7 @ 4.5cm x 4.5cm

For the Small Cards 
Cardstock 2 @ 9.5cm x 19cm scored in the middle
DSP  2 @ 9cm x 9cm 
Whisper White 2 @ 9cm x 9cm 

To secure the small cards
Either 4 craft magnets 
Ribbon of your choice 
Secure these under the layers of DSP and Whisper White on your card... 
Here is the completed card 

A more Masculine Card from the holiday catalogue 

More examples from a recent full-day workshop and training session


Thank you to all those who have stopped by, it gives us great pleasure that you were able to be here. Please continue with the next hop and it gives me great pleasure to introduce 
and enjoy
Andre Gordon (NZ) <----You Are Here

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Embossing onto sparkle glimmer paper

Welcome to my first post,

Ever wanted to stamp and colour onto glimmer paper now you can...

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